Parish Council

Pastoral Council Roster/2021-2022

Fr. Vincent VanDoan, Pastor              734-439-2030

Jack Flanagan, Deacon                       734-434-3037

Todd Balser                                           734-771-1382

Richard Cortellini                                   734-439-7148

Julie Gottardi                                         734-664-0585

Renee Humes                                        734-529-9397

Kathy Gyolai

Michelle Heikka                                     734-467-3928

Katie Lubke                                           734-439-4838

Joe Ryan                                                734-431-0955

Elizabeth Satterley                                734-646-0023

Shannon Wayne                                   734-732-6439

Cathryn Graveline                                 989-802-1519

Mary Jo Huber                                      734-439-2674

Lauren Nemeth                                     734-434-2280

Diana Wessel                                         734-395-4789

What is the Parish Pastoral Council?

The Parish Council is made up of twelve parishioners nominated by the congregation to help and to advise the pastor on ways to maintain and enhance the parish grounds and facilities to assure that the Faith Community can gather in worship, fellowship, provide religious education, and support the action required to fulfill our Parish Mission, minimize overall operating costs and enhance improvements within parish finances. Members serve a three year term; four new members are chosen each year.

What does the Parish Council do?

The Parish Council, in consultation with the Pastor and the Finance Council and with input from parishioners, establishes short term and long term goals for parish facility development.

The Parish Council also helps coordinate programs, services and communications among the various parish commissions and services.