K-8th Grades

Kindergarten through 8th Grade 

Bulletin March 28-29

The Fifth Sunday of Lent – Instead of telling people he was the Savior, Jesus showed them. By raising Lazarus from the dead, Jesus sent a message loud and clear. Jesus was the Savior they had all been waiting for. He was filled with God’s love and power, and many people believed in him. Jesus promises that all who believe in him will live forever. By raising Lazarus from the dead, he shows that his promise is true. Through his death and Resurrection, Jesus freed all of us from death. Like Lazarus and like Jesus, we will also be raised from the dead to live with God forever. What a wonderful gift he gives us! While we are house bound, please take advantage of all the various things you can view as a family on the Diocese of Lansing website, Dynamic Catholic, EWTN to watch the daily and weekend Masses, watch Fr. Mike Schmitz-Bishop Barron-or The Wild Goose on You Tube. We are still observing Lent, a time of prayer and repentance.                                                                         I encourage you to lead your family in prayer each day.  Develop a closer relationship with the Lord so that when Easter is celebrated our hearts will cheer, “He is Risen!”

Confirmation Students, please complete all paperwork that is due, Catholic Update Questions, Saint Name, Faith Article…you may send them to my email at [email protected]