K-8th Grades

Kindergarten through 8th Grade


Last Sunday you read about being the Church at home, specifically Creating a Sacred Space in Your Home.  On the Diocese of Lansing Website you will find many ways in which you can keep your faith a priority for your family. If you go to the dioceseoflansing.org and find, “Being a Church at Home” there are numerous resources. This week, consider your prayer life. As parents, grandparents, or guardians, you are the leader of faith in your home, the domestic Church. Very young children are willing to pray with you. Teach them to have a close relationship with Jesus and talk with him often! Use the many prayers from the Diocese and help bring peace to your home and our country through prayer.  Here is one example from Being a Church at Home:                                                                     

                                                        Family Prayer for Healing                                                         Lord, you are always a good Father to us .The Scriptures are filled with all the times you spared your people from disease, famine, and tragedy.  During the time of this virus, we ask you to turn your face on us and heal our world. Send your Holy Spirit to heal the sick, protect the vulnerable, and bring us quickly back to worship you at the altar. We ask this in your Son, Jesus’ name. Amen

Try this prayer today with your family!